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歴史ツアー日韓 2016 パフォーマンスアートプロジェクト おまゆみ ホン・オボン 紫明会館 Performance art project History Tour Korea Japan artist OMAYUMI Hong O-Bong Shimei-Kaikan インスタレーションアート installation art

“History Tour Japan-Korea”


To the place closely related to Korea and Japan

Project: OMAYUMI


Buddhism came to Japan via the ancient kingdom of Paekche on the Korean Peninsula in 6th century. In the ancient age, Japanese culture was influenced deeply by people came from Korea. Japanese and Korean people have had great relationship for long time.

But later, Japanese Empire made sad history, invaded Korea from late 19th century to 1945. Since then, Japan and Korea countries still have some problem.

I made this performance art project to the place related to the history between Korea and Japan. I performed there in January, July, and August 2016. 

It is to think about the history again, and to make friendship further to the future.

History Tour 日韓

2016年 日韓の交友をテーマに、歴史に因んだ


企画: おまゆみ




6世紀 仏教伝来と渡来文化、渡来人秦氏の関連


奈良飛鳥寺 石舞台古墳 法隆寺

大阪四天王寺 太秦広隆寺 伏見稲荷大社

百済の都 扶余


7世紀 倭国は百済の白村江へと援軍を送り、敗れた後は



扶蘇山城跡 落花岩 定林寺 宮南池

白村江 (錦江河口の海)

京城 (ソウル) 


20世紀 日本による植民地支配



慰安婦少女像 南山 安重根義士記念館



13-18 January 2016

Place: Osaka Shitennoji Temple, Asuka Ishibutai Tumulus,

Uzumasa Koryuji Temple, Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine,  others



in July and August 2016


Ancient Beakje, Hakusonko river,

The Independence Hall of Korea,

Comfort woman bronze satue, and more.

Tour Map

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